Admissions policy

As Ofsted registered nursery practitioners we are happy to care for any baby/child following the SEN Code of practise in-line with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 offering inclusive practise and in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We also are aware of the Equality Act 2010.

We regularly collect from the following schools:

 Goodly Dale,

 St. Cuthbert’s,

 St. Mary’s,

 Windermere Preparatory School

The introduction of 30 hours childcare for eligible 3-4 year olds in September 2017 requires a change to the settings admissions policy. Little Rascals shall continue to offer a collection from local nurseries at the required lunchtime collection, where your child can continue their free funding at the setting. We shall continue to collect children at 315 from school who are of reception and above age. If you child continues to remain within the setting moving into reception your child will automatically be offered an after school collection unless this is not required.

We are happy to collect your child from any of named nurseries above at 11.45-12.15 dependent on your chosen schools session times and school collection at 3.15

We are happy to accept any child providing we have relevant training and the setting is suitable. If your child has additional needs please discuss them with us prior to attending. We will request a four-week settling in period in our contract, so if you or your child or we are not happy with the arrangement it can be terminated easily. Once our setting is full, a waiting list will be put into operation. If you have any concerns regarding our admissions policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

Non-payment of fees policy

Statement of intent

Little rascals value their relationship with parents/carers and will be sympathetic towards any difficulty in paying their child’s fees. However, we are unable to function effectively without these payments.

We aim to help parents/carers to pay all fees due to us by offering an agreed flexible payment system and following a fair procedure. In order to achieve this aim, we operate the following non-payment of fees policy:

• Parents/carers will be issued with an invoice at the beginning of each month or at the end of the previous month detailing the fees due.

• Fees are to be paid within the week after invoice is given

• All cheques should be made payable to S Ramsay We are also happy to accept cash payments.

• Fees are still payable should a child be absent for any reason. If a child is absent for more than a three week period

(due to a hospital stay etc.). Parents will need to speak to the Supervisor prior to their child’s absence where a discounted fee arrangement may be made.

• Fees become payable should insufficient notice to given notifying us that your child will be leaving Little rascals.

At least one month’s notice is required as stated and agreed in our settling policy, otherwise one month’s fees in lieu of notice will be due. This amount will be invoiced and payable prior to their child leaving Nursery. If this amount is not paid then procedures will begin at the Small Claims Court.

• Should a parent/carer have problems paying their child’s fees on time they should speak in confidence to the Supervisor. If an arrangement has not been made then the following procedure will apply.


• If payments are 2 weeks late:

- a reminder invoice will be issued

• If payments are 3 weeks late:

- a third invoice will be issued accompanied by a letter and a copy of this policy (signed by

the parent).

• If payments are more than 4 weeks late:

- A final warning will be issued giving the parent/carer 14 days to pay the full amount due.

• If the full payment is not received after this time scale then procedures will begin at the Small Claims Court and the child will lose their place at Nursery.

• Little rascals thank you for your understanding and will do all they can to avoid the above situation. However we are not able to function effectively without all payments due.

Procedure if a child is lost or goes missing

We will safely supervise children when we go on outings or trips. we will teach the children about safety when we are out and about. If a child goes missing, we will tell the police and search the area. Then, we will contact the parents and Ofsted.

Procedure if a child is not collected

If a child is not collected within 1 hour, we will try calling the parents’ contact numbers. Then we will try the emergency contact numbers. During this time, we will continue to safely look after the child. We will continue to try the parents’ contact numbers and emergency numbers, but after a responsible amount of time – 2 hours from the original agreed collection time, we will then tell the local authority duty social worker. 


It is our policy to keep children safe on outings whilst in our care. In order to do this we will ensure that:

· The ratio of adults to children on any outing will never be less than those laid out in our registration

· We carry out a trial run and full risk assessment of the proposed outing

· We obtain written parental our and specific written permission for a longer or more involved outing

· We take essential records and equipment for each child on outings as necessary, including contact telephone numbers for parents, a first-aid kit and a mobile telephone

· We keep records for parental inspection of any vehicles in which children are transported, including insurance details and a list of named drivers

· We will ensure that any driver transporting children in their own vehicle has adequate insurance cover

· We adhere to our lost child procedure and make parents aware of the procedures in that policy.