An insight into the under 2 Room messy and sensory play is the common theme. Babies into toddlers learn through their senses

Your toddler soon becomes a confident 2 year old testing boundaries and growing in self esteem

Under 2 Room- Little Discovers

At Little Rascals the Under 2 room offers a homely, spacious environment for your little one to grow, move, learn and develop safely and confidently. Our primary focus for the Under 2’s is to settle them into the setting and apply routines, often replicating what they do at home, to promote positive wellbeing for both your child and you as parents. Your child will be assigned a keyperson to form an attachment with, to promote their confidence in exploring the resources within the room. We aim to provide a stimulating environment for your child by offering numerous sensory activities to accelerate their learning and development. Sleep times will be different for every child and we follow home routines where possible. All staff within the Under 2 room are highly qualified with strong knowledge and understanding of babies needs and interests, we use this knowledge to support routines, transitions and provide thought provoking activities for the children, to promote their natural curiosity. No day is ever the same within the Under 2 room, from exploring messy activities one day, to having outings to local amenities the next, such as soft play and sensory rooms. We strive to create a base of happy, confident children to continue their learning throughout their time at the setting.